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The following is a list of services we provide here at Pioneer Title and Escrow Services.

    Closing Coordination:  Your Closing Coordinator offers a single point of contact for all of your transactions.  Your designated Pioneer Title and Escrow Services team is dedicated to answering your questions, establishing your personalized closing portfolio system and tracking each of your loan packages-wherever they may be closing-throughout the country.
    Inclusive Services: We manage every facet of the closing process, including appraisals, title searches, surveys, inspections, document preparation, attorney review, title policies, evening closings at your borrower’s home, mortgage and lien payoffs, recording, escrowing, quality review and monthly reporting. While we’re handling all of these details, you are free to focus on what you do best.
    Status Reports: We deliver regularly scheduled reports, informing you of the progress of your loan package. Status reports can be sent digitally, by fax, or via express mail’s services-whichever is most convenient for you. Your Closing Coordinator is constantly monitoring your closing in progress and is able to provide you with an update at anytime, at any interval, in any format you prefer.
    Convenience: Your needs and the needs of your borrowers are our highest priority.  Your Pioneer Title and Escrow Services team is available around-the-clock. Borrowers are always pleased to learn that we provide closings in their home, at times that are most convenient to them. We are pleased to offer closings in the evening, an exceptional service your clients deserve.
    •  Attorney Review: Each loan package is reviewed by our affiliated law firm to have compliance with state regulations. Documents are tracked and reviewed. When legal issues develop, they are given immediate attention. This timely service provides you added confidence that your loan packages will be expedited in the most appropriate manner possible.
    Escrowing: Your loan funds are carefully managed to insure that creditors and borrowers receive funding in the most secure and timely manner possible.
    Processing: Your Pioneer Title and Escrow Services support team provides centralized and complete processing of your documents. We are able to utilize all industry standard document production formats. Additionally, we are available to work closely with you to develop a custom document processing system specifically targeted to your needs. We are committed to efficient and accurate management of your closing portfolio.
    Advanced Technology: We offer digitilized document preparation, delivery and storage, using state-of-the-art electronic processing equipment. Our digital document management is immediate, accurate, flexible, efficient.
    We are capable of controlling high-volume electronic documentation and offer access to our interactive website for simplified communication with your closing coordinator.
    Follow Up:  We follow up each transaction with a thorough quality review.  Your borrower is consulted and you have the opportunity to receive and present feedback.  We are dedicated to providing expert and timely closing services to you and your borrowers.

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